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Darian G.


                          How Do You Deal With Wanting to punch a girl in the face SO BAD But You Can't                                                                           -You  Know Who Im Talkin' Bout-

Yay! I got my first question! Thank you Darian G. for submitting you question, you are the first of many (i hope)
Anyway, if i were you (i know this might sound lame but,) I would walk up to her and ask to speak to her in private , then just tell her you want to have a CALM discussion with her and talk it out. Don't get aggravated with her and don't let her get aggravated with you, But if she does try and calm her down with candy :D
                                                                                    I totally hope this helped!
                                                                                                       xoxo, Dreamhands01

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