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Meghan Lynn


Hi. theres a girl on a site that i like. And she keeps calling me a freak. i want to block her, but then i cant see what she's saying about me. What do i do? ( oh and dreamhands01, i like ur site :) ) But i just honsetly dont know what to do!!! Please Help. Thanks

Meghan Lynn ( crazzienachoz4 )

Ohh thanks Meghan L. for writing me! Now this one is kinda tough..but i think i have a solution, its rather similar to my last post but trust me, it works! Send her a message and calmly ask her what her deal is, if she tries to fight then just resist. And if she keeps on being a brat then just go ahead and block her, shes not worth it. Even though you might want to know what shes saying  about you it will just suck you back into the drama and be unneeded stress.

                                                                                     I hope this helped :]

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